» “Traveling” stage concept

“Traveling” stage concept

On January 11, 2008

(2018 concept, back-dated)

I am collaborating with singer/songwriter/designer Katya Lee on an upcoming project: “Traveling”

The project has many facets, but of course it includes a 3D printed outfit as part of her performance. There is much more to it than that, but expect that viewing this show will be like traveling to a distant galaxy.

In this mockup rendering, we’re studying the scale of the performance space to create a rough visualization and gauge what resources we need to make it happen. In this rendering, the stage is 30′ x 15′, the screen is 20′ wide, and 12′ square frames at each end of the stage have thin wires strung between them holding LED “stars” above, in front, and behind the performer. With the starry background, this should create a sense of space in more ways than one.




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