Custom Designs

We have a selection of designs for sale that can be customized to your exact measurements.

3D Masks

We can create a 3d model fit perfectly to your face. Digital masks are perfect for theater, parties, Carnivale, Mardi-gras, Halloween, and other events.

Tattoo Frame

Show off your new tattoo with apparel customized to display it. A tattoo frame is a digital reconstruction of the outline of your tattoo that is sewn into the clothing to display it.

Wearable Electronics Rigs

We make mounting surfaces that follow the contour of the body. Make comfortable wearable electronics, steady-cams, carrying straps, orthotics, and prosthetics.

Art-a-hack 2014

In this project, Kate Sicchio and I created a performance instrument from...

11th Jul

[_Make_It_Digital_] Fashion Design Course

Make It Digital – Modern Fabrication for Products and Fashion Fashion Designer...

04th Mar

Purple Knights armor

The fashion show at the 2014 New York 3D PrintShow featured a...

21st Feb
Knights intro_720

Konzentrat Necklace

This new release necklace is a general size that does not require...

16th Nov
BXseO3FCcAA7NqF.jpg large

LZ Mesh Collar

A collaboration with fashion/textile designer Larissa Zemke to produce spring-mesh accessory designs....

20th Jun

3D Fashion Video From N9

“this$h!+was3dprinted” A collection of 3D printed fashions, presented by n9 productions: n9...

30th Jan
n9 screenshot23

Eagle Mask

The Eagle mask is one of three designs created for the Hoop...

05th Oct
Erica with Eagle Mask at World Maker Faire 2012

Captain V’s Hooping Gear

ThreeForm created this custom outfit for hula-hoop performer VerĂ³nica. It is designed...

23rd Sep
Captain V - Top

Seed Of Life Corset

ThreeForm worked with artist Amandacera to create a custom-fit corset design. The...

21st Sep
Seed of Life Corset - Close

Lotus Top

The Lotus is a form-fitting accessory that frames the clavicles and embraces...

09th Jul
Lotus Top - Fashion Law Symposium